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Emmigrating From Wordpress

I started blogging with WordPress in 2014 and now at the beginning of 2016, I emigrated. First of all, as a software WordPress is a great job, I was quite confortable to use it. Even last year, my grandfather told me that he wants to record his memories on some place!

First, he tried to do it with Microsoft Word and lost some files, became tired; gave up. Consequently, I introduced WordPress to him with quick demo and set bookmark to his browser. Then, by clicking three times to some buttons -first bookmark, then new post, lastly for publishing, he quickly became get used to and had more than 40 posts with images etc. Seriously!

Now he wants them to be in a book format and - with my strong academic background :) - I started to do Latex Kung Fu for him...

But, WordPress is quite demanding in terms of money :/ In order to do domain mapping, he yearly asks thirteen boxes. Well, it's kind of okey; since you use software + hosting is handled by him etc. Nevertheleess, it threats you to show adds on your page and propose a new payment method which costs hundred boxes for you -which is not for me..

Well, in my first week of my first job, my director politely (because he also gave an opportunity for me to refuse) offered me to do front-end staff for single project. At that time, I did not write single line of javascript nor jquery, pieces of HTML. Full of friendly front-ent developers in AirTies helped me and I started to crawl, liked a bit; even mentored young bloods for their summer interns.

Consequently, in home I started put my eyes on BootStrap themes and decided to move blog to GitHub. To do so, I just initiated web page repo, then set my DNS config on my domain service page, and lastly added single line CNAME file on repo. In 2 hours, DNS propagation was done and my web page with free hosting and without add threads became published.